Stop Giving It Away, Hillary!

Poor Hillary Clinton.  I am worried about her.  She has gained  at least forty pounds since becoming Secretary of State.  She is not looking like she has been taking good care of herself. I am not talking about her not being able to primp.  Nor am I complaining about her having to wear hair-scrunchies without make-up. What I am worried about is her not getting enough rest or exercise.  What about a reasonable work versus play routine?  Is my wonderful Hillary a Give Away Girl?  Is she so engaged and committed to this country that she is a Detrimental Caretaker?  Giving to the point of exhaustion and bad health?

I keep hearing about her putting on more miles than anyone in our country’s history?  We are talking CIRCLES around the globe!  Read about it here:

Apparently, a few weeks ago, she got a concussion and a blood clot.  So, she’s being ordered to rest for a while. For many Give Away Girls, health issues come up to force them into their recliner chairs for a while.  Stop Giving It Away, Hillary!

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One thought on “Stop Giving It Away, Hillary!

  1. Oh Hillary, please don’t fall apart on us! My dream for her is to be elected the first female president, move into the White House, dump Billy, and trade up!

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