Get To Know Their “Love Language”

Do you want someone you care about to feel loved? Get to know their “Love Language.”

In general, people love to give gifts. It spreads feelings of joy and happiness. And what’s not fun in that? Research shows that giving to others can help alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety, and can add to positive feelings.

One of my favorite books for lovers and gift givers, is the book by Gary Chapman called the “The Five Love Languages.” In this book, Dr. Chapman astutely observes that couples seem to have five different ways of feeling loved and appreciated. Basic categories:   images

1.   Words of Affirmation

2.   Acts of Service

3.   Receiving Gifts

4.   Quality Time

5.   Physical Touch (this means physical nurturing not just sex)

By finding out which category your significant other prefers, you can then get them something they truly enjoy and appreciate.

Explore what gift-giving strategy will be most appreciated by whomever you love this Valentine’s. For example, if your partner loves spending time with you, consider a well-planned date where you can talk over a romantic dinner and a carriage ride, or go ice skating together. Either of these gifts of togetherness might be appreciated more than a pretty necklace.

More tips for gift giving:

·      Remember that a lot of times gifters unknowingly give what they what want to receive rather than considering what the giftee might really want.

·      Don’t limit gift giving to just Valentine’s Day. Sharing loving feelings is important to maintaining and replenishing your relationship.

·      This “Love Language” thing applies to everyone from friends to parents and children. Some kids just love getting a new toy, while others would feel more nurtured by a basketball game with dad.

For inspiration, visit the Five Love Languages website.

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