Road Rage at the Starbucks

A guy in a big white pick-up truck tried to fight with me yesterday. I was double parked in front of a Starbucks, and it was challenging for this guy to make his right turn the way my car was parked. Keep in mind that this is a normal challenge we city people deal with on a daily basis. Still, I had my flashers on and all the guy had to do was to make a wider turn than usual. images-1

He starts yelling.

“You f$&ing B*7ch! You …” Then, he proceeds to make a jerky left turn despite his right blinker. “Oh great,” I thought. “He’s going to circle around. He wants to fight with me.” Or, as we say in the South, “He’s a’ itchin’ for a bitchin’!”

My choices…

I could high-tailed it out of there (except my husband was getting his Starbucks and if he heard my tires screech and saw the old minivan tearing away, he might get confused). I could stand my ground and fight. Hmmm …  a good street fight would sure blow off some steam. It was tempting.

“Nah,” I said to myself, “I might get steamed up and that bad energy could ruin my day.” So, I decide to pull up to a legal parking space and wait for my husband there. If the guy came back freaking out, I planned to ignore him.

Lo and behold, here comes the truck. He screeches beside me. He’s rolled down his window and he’s yelling at me. I didn’t even look his way. My husband got in and said, “What’s going on?” I said, “It’s just some guy who wants to fight. Hey, did you put cream in my coffee?”

Soon enough, Mr. Bad A$$ pulls away. I never even saw his red, puffy, screaming face.

Toxic energy: Take it or leave it

Sometimes, taking care of yourself means not engaging in ridiculous arguments. If you feel the need to stand your ground, make sure it’s worth the toxic energy you’ll pull into your body and soul. If it isn’t worth it to you, it’s OK to just not engage. Being passive is not always about “giving it away.”

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