Why Debbie Doesn’t Leave the House

I just ran into Debbie.

Me: “Hey did you go to the  ______ get together?”

Debbie: “No Cherilynn, I can’t even leave the house anymore. Whenever I go out and do something in the evening, my husband leaves the house in such a pigsty it takes me an hour to put everything away. He doesn’t get the kids to bed and they don’t get their baths. I have to work extra hard just to shut down the house and by the time I get to bed I’m in a really bad mood. I feel tense and resentful. I regret I ever left the house. I’d rather spare myself this discomfort. So, I just don’t leave the house anymore. That’s my best option.”

Hmmm …

Is this a good plan?

What do you think? Please, weigh in.

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