Jennifer Lawrence as Ree: Thank God for Give Away Girls Like Her

Jennifer Lawrence won an Academy Award at the Oscars. I have not seen her in that role, but I loved her in the movie, Winter’s Bone.

In that role, she played a teenage girl name Ree, who was living in the Ozark mountains. Ree had to be the main caretaker for her two siblings as her mother was catatonic (due to mental illness) and her father had disappeared. When Ree finds out that her father put their house up for bail and he is missing, she is told that she will lose their house and land unless he is found. The family will have to be split up. Ree knows this and does what any strong, capable woman does when she has the weight of the world to contend with: She just does what has to be done.

Ree is weighted down in coats and winter boots, but she walks slowly and heavily door-to-door, seeking her father. Clearly, he is a criminal so his peers and the people she meets in searching for him are dark and dangerous. Ree is threatened, lied to, manipulated and beaten.  Despite this, she doesn’t back down because her only other options are intolerable to her. And through it all, she is busy feeding and caring for her tiny siblings. At one point, Ree tells her brother and sister, “I’d be lost without the weight of you on my back.”

Through her trials, Ree’s selflessness, love and caretaking are the salvation of her two younger siblings. What if she had walked away … just said it was too much. I’m glad she didn’t.

Many children today live in a world like Ree’s. Thank God there are people out there who have the strength and perseverance to keep going, give away girls that they too are.

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