Women and Self-Deprecation

We live in a culture that expects women to put themselves down a lot. In fact, a big part of my book and this blog is about women who constantly and inadvertently engage in this unhealthy, detrimental caretaking dance.

What is detrimental caretaking (DC)?
DC is when people  cause injury to themselves by making decisions in favor of others, to their own detriment.  Usually, they aren’t aware that they are causing harm to themselves, they are just trying to be nice or “caretake.”

For example, when someone compliments your new boots, do you comfortably acknowledge the compliment? Do you downplay the compliment, laughing about the great deal you got on them. Do you quickly change the subject?  If so, you might live in the world of the DC.

When done in the workplace, DC affects your colleagues’ perceptions of your competence. Here’s a great article about self-deprecation and how it can have a negative impact on you.


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