Omarosa and Celebrity Apprentice

Why do people like Omarosa find success?6
Why is it that people who act confident seem to get the benefit of the doubt? You know what I mean … situations at work, at school, in social activities where the one who acts the most confident gets the credibility, even if they really don’t know what they are talking about. Hate it but it happens.

Omarosa is on Celebrity Apprentice again. She plays the reality television villain. As a contestant, she is supposed to lead or help the team coordinate successful projects. In many ways, the team challenges are not unlike a work project with a deadline. Unfortunately, Omarosa doesn’t do much. She smartly gets the most creative person to give the good ideas, aligns with them, rides the wave and acts most bright and helpful. In the board room, she targets the most vulnerable person (somebody really hard-working and nice) and tears them apart.

Give Away Girls are distinctly different from Omarosa. They work hard, contribute greatly and defer accomplishments to their team, but they’re perceived as less competent. Unfortunately, this plays out a million times a day.

Let’s look at people’s perceptions and what gets conveyed in a work/task situation or even a situation where one is attempting to communicate socially.

Competence+Lack of Confidence = PERCEIVED as Less Successful, Less Smart, Less Competent 

(These people are usually the ones doing all the work BEHIND the scenes.)

Confidence+Incompetence = PERCEIVED as More Successful, Bright, More Competent

(Ever met someone and after you worked with them awhile; you realize that they don’t know their job well, but they know how to hook up with people that do?)

Not fair. I know. A dear client of mine told me this once: Everyone is playing the game. If you aren’t playing it, you still are, you just are doing it poorly.

No need to be backstabbing, Omarosa. True confidence isn’t the peacock, villain kind. Ladies, remember: For better or worse, how you are perceived can have a big impact on your future. Practice self-confidence.

1) maintain eye contact
2) own your accomplishments, never downplay
3) hold great posture
4) break away from the status quo

One thought on “Omarosa and Celebrity Apprentice

  1. Omarosa is evil- I stopped watching Celebrity Apprentice because I couldn’t handle watching her get ahead through her evil ways!!!

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