“People don’t want tools, they want pills!”

“People don’t want tools, they want pills!”
So, I am interviewing this editor for a publishing deal for the book I wrote. We were discussing whether to use the word Tools in the subhead. He made that statement above. I laughed hard.

I know it’s true. We all want a quick fix. We live in a world where there’s a quick fix or convenience for most needs and most problems. We can go online shopping, get a 20-minute oil change, get dinner in the drive-through … I even saw a drive-through funeral once where you could view the body from your car!

People in emotional distress often look for quick emotional fixes by drinking alcohol, abusing prescription medication, or just diving into a bag of Oreos and a big bucket of ice cream … all choices that fail to deliver relief. Emotional pain persists.

No quick fixes for healing the heart and mind
Quick fixes simply don’t exist for healing the heart, mind and fractured emotional framework of our lives. The good news? Reconciliation, forgiveness: these are just two of the salves that can begin healing the wounds of the present and the past. Either or both require change. We can’t set out to change others, but we can open our hearts and change ourselves. True change takes ongoing, steady effort. We are likely to get sidetracked and lose our enthusiasm. Sometimes, we lose our optimism, motivation and hope.

Help may be easier to get than you think
Stay with your journey — and take care. If you are suffering from emotional difficulties that are persistent (lasting longer than three weeks), I strongly encourage you to reach out to a professional counselor. If your employer or your spouse’s employer offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you might be eligible for one-on-one confidential counseling as part of those benefits. It’s well worth looking into.

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One thought on ““People don’t want tools, they want pills!”

  1. Unfortunately, people who go to medical doctors for help are encouraged to take pills and accept the quick fix as the only way. If this was the only way, I’d need to walk around with a permanent intravenous feeding of morphine to deal with the demands of my life. I’m sure I’d be feeling great….but who wants those nasty bruises the needle marks would make?! Not the look I’m going for!

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