Meet Nellie: Comes With Daily Dose of Allegra

Meet Nellie. I ran into her owner on the street yesterday in front of my house. My kids were selling cartoons and Nellie’s owner sweetly agreed to pay $1 for my son’s brilliant cartoon drawing. Nellie’s owner appeared looked about 27. We fawned over her dog. “She’s so cute!”

“Yes, I love her,” the owner said.”Problem is, I am allergic to dogs. I have to take Allegra every 24 hours because I am so allergic.” How can someone so allergic to dogs have a dog?

Oh, you know …  I met this guy and he wanted to commit to us having a dog together. I went along with it and then he left. So now I am stuck with the dog. Good thing I love her.”

Good thing she loves her is right. And what are the long-term effects of an Allegra pill daily for the next 15 or so years? Uh oh.

GAG Girls Beware
Don’t agree to anything in romance that you will regret if the other person decides to not pull their weight. You can get saddled with lots of unforeseen consequences. Talk can be just that — all talk.

Nellie is adorable, though. And my son was grateful for the buck.


One thought on “Meet Nellie: Comes With Daily Dose of Allegra

  1. Nellie is a far better catch than Joe Six-Pack and will always stay loyal and true. I guarantee Nellie’s mama will never meet any guy she’ll ever love more!
    She traded up in that deal!

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