Getting It Back

Home. Work. Life. Love.
Give Away Girls are full of stories about how they feel unfulfilled and regretful for falling into the detrimental caregiving lifestyle.

Solutions …
Balance. Have you found the equilibrium between work and rest? Nurturing people and self-care? Extending yourself and enforcing boundaries? The demands people place on you, and being assertive in delegating responsibilities to others?

Equality. Think about this: Do the behaviors in your relationships compensate for the weaknesses and faults of others? Or do they complement what those around you can contribute? Are others in charge of your life or running your life? Or do you have a say in how things go — the final say? Are you constantly in the role of the subordinate and slave? Or do you get to decide and decline, without fear of retribution?

Congruency. Does the reality of your situation agree with what you think is going on? Or are you deceiving yourself? Do your actions and behaviors support the words? Or do you say one thing (even if it’s to yourself) and do another?

Take some time to look through what goes on at work, at home, in life and in relationships. If you have a story to tell, feel free to join the conversation.

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