Why I am worried about Angelina Jolie, Part II


The other reason I am worried about Angelina is that she has no girlfriends. BIG RED FLAG! She didn’t say in her interviews but I wonder if she is one of those girls that thinks other women are just “jealous and catty.” Anybody who is a woman who goes into friendships with other women believing that all women are b*%^es, will always act in a way that will get other women to appear “jealous and catty.”

For example, I had a girlfriend in college who thought all women couldn’t be trusted. Later, I heard her exclaim how weird my boyfriend acted when she rubbed his leg with her arm accidentally while changing the radio station when he was giving her a ride somewhere. Funnily enough, it was a bench seat station wagon. It took me a while to connect the dots. Pan to a scene starring me a week later …”Wait a second,” I suddenly thought, “what is she doing on a bench seat sitting so close her arm is rubbing his thigh…?”) That friendship ended eventually. And it is true, there are occasional toxic women out there that give us all a bad name.

Maybe Angelina was traumatized by a friendship. Who knows? Maybe she has difficulty making friends, is socially anxious and doesn’t know how to act.

GAG girl takeaway:
Some women do behave poorly to other women. I think that it is a societal issue that naturally happens with oppressed minorities in a competitive, capitalistic environment. However, if a woman thinks all other women are bad, watch your back because they are probably projecting their own ethics/behavior patterns onto others.

 Having strong female friendships with healthy compassionate women is good self-care! I don’t know what I would do without my gaggle of girlfriends.

Call out to Angelina: “Reconsider, hon. We are not so bad.”