Girls Behaving “Badly?”

Unknown-2Pussy-riot girls is a punk band in Russia that recently achieved a lot of press when two of the women in the band (both mothers) were sentenced to prison. Apparently, these women got together and rigged a plan to perform a rebellious song that put down Vladimir Putin. In response, they were given a “trial” and sentenced. During the trial, they were put in glass boxes as if on display and not allowed to even hear the court proceedings. (I think Vladimir was very mad, don’t you think?)

Now, I don’t like their music. It is punk. So it sounds to me like a lot of screaming. Screamed in Russian, it is even more chilling to hear. But, I admire their willingness to take a stand. Everybody knows Vladimir probably isn’t a real nice guy. And almost nobody in Russia has the courage to stand up to him.

The Pussy-riot girls? I don’t know what they accomplished. However, people are talking and people are watching.

I have another friend, let’s call her Theresa, who recently took a stand against another evil dictator of sorts. Unfortunately, she got tossed out on her a**  and hurt as well.  She is struggling to accept how meanly she was treated and how other people can just sit and do nothing when people are being treated so terribly. Interestingly, those “people” being treated terribly in this organization are mostly women.

Sometimes, in the face of great power, what’s a girl to do?