Cherilynn Veland MSW, LCSW

• Member: National Association of Social Workers
• Consultant, featured: Careers in Psychology website
• Quoted: PsychCentral
• Quoted: Chicago Tribune
• Quoted:
• Contributor: Oakstone Publishing, Personal Best Wellness

Press inquiries
I am available as a subject matter expert in the following areas: relationships (marriage, family, singles); psychology, mental health, counseling and therapy; work stress; family stress; work-life balance; coping and communication strategies that promote healthy relationships and more. Feel free to contact me for editorial support.

Licensing and education
• Clinical social worker licensed through the State of Illinois to provide counseling for individuals, couples and families
• Master’s Degree, social work, University of Alabama
• Additional graduate training, Washington National Children’s Hospital, Washington, D.C

The examples in this blog are fictional, not clinical case presentations. My ethical commitment to my clients’ confidentiality precludes me from using any information that could in any way identify someone. Each example is an amalgam of personal and professional experiences and observations. I have used creative license to tell what I believe are helpful stories designed to promote healthy relationships, mental health, life balance and personal growth. The information provided is not meant to treat any condition, and it is not a replacement for treatment by a professional.

2 thoughts on “Cherilynn Veland MSW, LCSW

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